LIVDEN Fall Capsule Collection

December 6, 2021

LIVDEN introduces its Fall 2021 Capsule Collection. The concept for the collection was to create fresh and innovative patterns in a way that utilized upcycled post-consumer materials, giving designers an easy option to “choose green.” The in-house tile line is made from 65-100% recycled materials.  

The Capsule Collection includes Popsicles Uneven tile in an eco-friendly 12-by-12-in. terrazzo of popular fall colors like amber, gold, rust red, deep green or dark earth-colored tones. Or play up your dark side with the Sadie tile, an alluring, leaf-like tile design that packs in rich colorways that are designed to delight. The Lola Wreath tile features a lace-like wreath design and subdued black and white hues. And the Honeysuckle tile features delicate orange tones and soothing petal shapes that will amplify your space and bring added charm. With its rich colorways and geometric design, the Puzzle Piece tile is a surefire way to bring autumnal elegance to your kitchen or bathroom.