New Ravenna

August 1, 2017

New Ravenna introduces Jardins Français, a collection of five mosaics designed by Caroline Beaupère. The mosaics are handcrafted in Virginia from combinations of natural stone, brass, aluminum, glass, and shell. The Jardins Français collection was inspired by the formal gardens of France, from their ornate ironwork to their intricate symmetry. The variety of materials represents the four seasons and the subtle shifts of Mediterranean light. Winter is represented by a brisk tonal white and gray in Jardin de Villandry; spring is enlivened by luminescent shell used in Fleur de Lys; vivid summer light glows in a Monet blue glass in Jardin de Giverny (pictured); and it is the brass in Jardin de Versailles that emulates the golden hues of fall.

Beaupère, a New York and Connecticut-based interior designer grew up in Provence and spent her childhood visiting Morocco, Spain and Italy. The theme of this mosaic collection comes from her favorite gardens in France. Each pattern can be fully customized with the client’s material preferences, and every mosaic in the Jardins Français collection can be installed indoors or out, on floors or walls.

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