New Ravenna Studio Line Collection Additions

January 14, 2022

New Ravenna presents five additions to its Studio Line collection, bringing the total number of designs to 77 mosaic selections. The new mosaics created in calm, muted tones are Euclid Grand, Wickerweave, Bonaparte, Esmeralda and Staggered 2cm Celeste. These stone mosaics are ready to ship within two days from Exmore, Virginia. Entirely hand crafted at the New Ravenna studio, the designs are created with natural stone that has been tumbled, polished and honed.  

When creating the collection additions, New Ravenna looked back through its history and selected some of its most classic patterns for their sense of familiarity and updated each using a calming palette of whites, warm creams, and blue tones. For the first time the brand added a tumbled finish to the Studio Line to offer a soft, comforting texture.

The Studio Line was created to address the demand for those occasions when craftsmanship and fast shipping need to exist in unison. Years before the current supply chain panic set in, New Ravenna realized that availability was a critical concern for many projects, whether they be new build or restoration, residential or commercial. These five new mosaics are hand crafted in its Virginia studio by the same mosaicists who create the brand’s custom work. By designing simplified templates and using advanced manufacturing technology, we offer durable and luxurious stone surfaces without the wait time associated with our more ornate custom mosaics.

The demand for the Studio Line continues to grow with the preference for products made in America and as the supply chain has become unpredictable. Thanks to major adjustments and investments, New Ravenaa is able to maintain a competitive lead time of two days.