August 13, 2015

Designed By PoggenPohl, NJ – Polycor 1cm Ultra Thin Kodiak Black Granite

A new product, an ultra-thin reinforced natural stone measuring one-cm. in thickness (approximately 1/2  in.), is giving designers the chance to go bigger and higher with their designs at a third of the weight and 10 times the strength. Quarrying company Polycor, based in Québec City, Canada has produced the thinnest stone surface on the natural stone market. 

Polycor‘s one-cm. slabs are made from
marble and granite quarried in the United States and Canada. Polycor’s North
American infrastructures reduce transportation needs and production lead-time for
its customers. Polycor is also Cradle To Cradle Silver Certified by the U.S.
Green Building Council (USGBC).