July 21, 2017

An epicenter of what’s cool and hip, New York City’s Brooklyn borough stands at the inception of trend and style. Wilsonart celebrates the city’s cutting-edge spirit and unique, inventive flair through Inside Brooklyn, a new collection of 15 laminate designs.  Available through the company’s Virtual Design Library, the designs of the Inside Brooklyn collection are inspired by four major trends found throughout the city:

Artisanal, or the crafters movement, plays into this collection with the following globally-inspired inlaid wood patterns seen amongst the hand-crafted trinkets sold in local boutique shops throughout the borough: Ash Arabesque, Sun Bleached Arabesque, Olive Arabesque and Sky Arabesque.

Authenticity is at the core of Brooklyn’s stories, which captivate its admirers. Unapologetic authenticity and effortless design make their way through the depths of whiskey crafters’ intent to find purpose in what’s already available by repurposing machinery and using locally sourced products. Instead of settling for what’s shiny and new, these woodgrain patterns personify simple and sophisticated lives while also staying true to genuine experiences, including Bright Ash, Chocolate Ash, Cottage Ash and Woven Oak.

Ethnic designs and street art are bursting from the boulevards of the borough. On the streets of Williamsburg, daring graphics inspired the Botanical and Tweedish designs: Lush Jungle (pictured) and Tweedish.

From an 1800s stone wall to a modern, cerused wood table, textures from past to present appear throughout Brooklyn celebrating the evolution of surfaces over time. Utilizing specific finishes and visual design, Wilsonart elevated these dimensional abstracted stone and material looks with Linear Graphite, Piedra Flor, Inky Indigo, Denim and Tide Pool.

The Inside Brooklyn Collection is now available online as part of the Wilsonart Virtual Design Library, an evolving, curated collection of laminates.