March 24, 2017

Designed to be easy to fit under a kitchen sink, the contemporary, high-performance, compact and direct-flow Bluewater Pro water purifier has been innovated from the drawing board to remove lead, chlorine, pesticides and herbicides, prescription drugs and home detergents from tap drinking water. The Pro will generate 52 gallons of safer, healthier tap drinking and cooking water every hour throughout the day, and it offers a whole house solution.

Bluewater’s own patented technology SuperiorOsmosis was developed in Sweden with the aim to deliver pure water 24 hours a day. The new technology is energy efficient and fully utilizes the inlet water, delivering up to 70 percent purified water and only 30 percent waste water. Bluewater’s second generation reverse osmosis technology can remove up to 99 percent of large pharmaceutical molecules. The Bluewater Pro is WQA Gold Seal certified, which assures that Bluewater’s products have been tested and certified to industry standards and meet the claims made on the company’s packaging and literature.