September 2, 2016

To solve the problem of needing to add a stray sock or other clothing item to a front load washer with a cycle already in progress, Samsung has introduced the AddWash Front Load Washer. Equipped with a second access door on the upper part of the main door, Addwash lets you add any item up to the size of large towel after the cycle has begun without needing to drain the washer and open the main washer door. The Samsung AddWash (model WF50K7500) is available in a 5.0- cu.-ft. capacity model in a black stainless steel or a bright white finish. It is also available in a 4.5-cu.-ft. capacity (model WF45K6500) in black stainless steel or white, as well as the 4.5-cu.-ft. size with slightly different features in azure blue or white. Matching dryers are available for all models.