March 7, 2017

Laundry Space, the new Scavolini Bathrooms project, offers the ability to furnish the bathroom in an organized, functional manner, restyling the typical elements of the laundry and incorporating them with the modularity of the Rivo, Aquo, Lagu and Idro collections. Designed by Idelfonso Colombo, Laundry Space is a complete, functional system. It optimizes the space available, ensuring convenience and livability in the laundry and bathroom area. Laundry Space includes variety of solutions, such as tops, drying rack, ironing board, pullout trolleys and storage units. The new project can be combined with Scavolini’s Fluida wall system, permitting the creation of useful personalized wardrobe spaces, too. Laundry Space is available in a range of finishes, with standard tops and profiles. The handles and grips draw on the Scavolini Bathrooms catalogue to ensure continuity of style.