June 4, 2015

Xeros, the creator of an ultra low-water laundry system, now offers high performance dryers with shorter dry times to work in conjunction with its award-winning polymer bead laundry system and Xeros Sbeadycare laundry management program.  

Two new high performance 80- and 120-lb. OPL dryers will be offered, and both provide high-performance efficiencies, optimized energy use, shorter dry times and safer, more reliable operation. Features include: an inverter system to ensure soft starts with less wear on the motor and belts, a fire suppression system built inside the dryer, a self-cleaning lint system, a double insulated cabinet that minimizes energy loss keeping heat in the drum, a reversing drum that helps reduce dry times by un-roping sheets and garments and a sturdy steel-welded cabinet with fewer moving parts and top quality components.