Abimis Atelier Outdoor Kitchen

April 13, 2022

An exclusive villa, situated in the heart of Napa Valley, embraced by its soft hills, plays host to a special outdoor version of the Abimis Atelier professionally derived kitchen designed and built to accommodate the typical needs of a full kitchen. 

Aidlin Darling Design, the Studio in charge of designing the Abimis indoor kitchen, joined forces with Abimis to put together a second open-air kitchen, placing it in the most bewitching part of the large expanse of greenery surrounding the home, distinguished by an extraordinary view of the landscape.

Made of cement, the kitchen comprises a grill and a barbecue, in full American cooking tradition, and it looks like a clean-cut architecture, with understated and rigorous silhouettes, reflecting the typical square-cut design of the Atelier line. 

The practical worktop separates the two cooking methods, while the lower part of the kitchen is completed by a spacious visible wood storage compartment and AISI 304 stainless steel compartments made by Abimis, with anthracite finish doors and large ergonomically designed handles. 

This project not only emphasizes the experience of Abimis in making top-quality bespoke kitchens and solutions to accommodate specific space requirements — indoors or outdoors — and the customer’s needs, but it also demonstrates the ability of its elements to fit into the most diverse configurations, respecting their calling and enhancing their distinguishing features.