Gres Aragón Aradeck Floor System

October 8, 2023

Gres Aragón has introduced Aradeck, a raised access floor system featuring extruded ceramic tiles with all the high-performance properties typical of tile extrusion technologies. Aradeck can be mounted on pedestals and joists, but what really sets it apart from other systems is the fact that it can also be mounted on a wooden base and used on flat roofs or terraces in many areas of homes or buildings. Not only is this system functional and highly efficient from an operative perspective, but it also ensures better air circulation, refrigeration and sound insulation when it is used in indoor spaces.   

Gres Aragón specializes in tile solutions for architecture, such as energy-efficient ventilated façades, volumetric tiles, pool tile systems and high-performance floor tiles. 

Photo credit: Gres Aragón