Skargaarden Outdoor Teak Furniture

November 27, 2023

Skargaarden presents three new collections of outdoor teak furniture — Laknäs, Saltholm and Koster — that share an elegant and timeless design.

The Swedish province Dalarna is often regarded as a kind of epicenter for the Scandinavian Midsummer celebration. Along lake Siljan’s eastern shore in Dalarna lies the small village of Laknäs. Skargaarden’s Laknäs collection is designed by Daniel Lavonius Jarefeldt and was created for sun-drenched lunches and late meals in the enchanting and almost magical shadow play of the night light. Laknäs (pictured) has a simple and straightforward design that is perfect for stylish celebrations. The collection consists of a dining table, an extendable table, a dining chair and a bench. The furniture has both an inviting and discrete expression.

Saltholm is barely 16 square kilometers large and is an extremely sparsely populated island in the sea between Copenhagen and Malmö – the linear distance is only one mile to both Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen and the Malmö skyscraper Turning Torso. Just a few residents live here all year round under spartan conditions. The Saltholm collection was designed to highlight the contrast between being close yet far away. The furniture is generously sized and comfortable. The collection includes a sofa, a lounge chair, an ottoman and a lounge table. The straight lines and timeless design make the furniture suitable for any outdoor environment. 

The first sketches of the Koster series were drawn up three years ago, and after tireless research and development, the complete collection with the lounge range was launched. The name Koster was inspired by the extreme weather conditions of the Koster Islands, an archipelago on the west coast of Sweden where the vast majority of the islands are a nature reserve. The design objective was to produce a simple pared-down form that can withstand the most demanding durability specifications and load tests. One such requirement was that the furniture could stand on a skyscraper rooftop without blowing away, making the design specs even more challenging.

Photo credit: Skargaarden