September 19, 2014

Few places inspire luxurious design like the palaces and ancient ruins of Italy. For a Florida couple, international travels and their desire for a haven culminated in a complete master bath redesign.

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Formerly dark and small, the bath had an abundance of faux painting, heavy iron, low ceilings and gold tones. The existing cabinets were both small and awkwardly angled so they took up unnecessary space. Along with insufficient lighting, the bath had limited storage.

When designer Shanna Bender of Design Studio 15 stepped in, the owners gave her a simple requirement: Light and bright!

“They wanted a Roman-style, soft and elegant space that they could retreat to,” said Bender. “They are a beautiful couple, and I wanted them to have something romantic and sophisticated with great architectural features.”

All of the interior walls were demolished to essentially combine the master bath with the bedroom. To divide the two rooms, Venetian stone columns and open arches were built.

“This allowed us to create cool features like the groin vaults in the ceiling, which let light flow throughout all of the areas,” she added.

The idea behind these gothic features and Italian touches was the couple’s photographs and love of the beach. To blend with the Italian ceilings and arches, the individual vanities for the husband and wife use imported Italian marble and custom-cut glass. For an additional touch of luxury, a ‘diva station’ was created for the wife.

“We self proclaimed it the diva station because it’s tailored for a make-up vanity,” explained Bender.

The vintage-style cabinet boasts modern functionality, including a two-way mirror with a hidden television and stainless canisters for holding hot tools. A wall niche and custom designed inset jewelry box makes up for the previous lack of storage. The cabinetry itself has a soft, hand-painted finish with custom carved inlays applied.

“The diva station doors are bowed to mimic the soft lines in the groin vault ceilings and romantic arches in the walls and features,” added Bender.

The arched stone around the shower entrance also keeps with the bathroom’s curves. Lit naturally by a baroque-style window, the shower maintains the old-world feel with marble and custom mosaic tile.
“The ceiling of the shower is the treat that you don’t get to see until you walk in,” said Bender. Made of handpicked stones, the ceiling has a marble mosaic in a basket weave pattern.

Another intricate mosaic piece lies behind the tub. Hand drawn by designers from Design Studio 15, the laser-cut mosaic includes a floral-like arrangement of gray swirls and soft blue leaves. Bender wanted this to be the backdrop of the Roman tub and the first feature you see when you walk in. The claw-foot, freestanding tub and its corresponding art piece set the tone for the romantic bathroom.

“Our clients really let us step out of the box and create something truly unique and special,” said Bender. “This will be a project I remember throughout my career.”

Source List:

Cabinetry: Cabinetry Creations, Inc.
Cast Columns: Francois & Company
Custom Glass Medallions: Kristian Kohrs-Natural Reflections Glass
Custom Medallion Wood Detail: Bella’s Wood Design
Custom Mosaic: Intarsia
Lighting: Lightstyles
Window Treatments, Upholstery and Bedding: Window Interiors

Source List

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