January 27, 2014

Each distinctive style comes with its own color palette, but a client always has his or her own look. For designer Anna Jacoby’s full home design, she took her client’s love of the Craftsman style and combined it with their colorful preferences.

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“I would call the home Craftsman-inspired,” she explained. While the style calls for more earthy tones of green and gold, “[the client] wanted more vibrant colors, so we took that style and then just made it hers.”

Swathed in cherry wood cabinets and oak floors, the kitchen foundationally draws from the traditional design.

“While it looks like the style, Craftsman would have been all oak,” said Jacoby. Dark Silestone countertops compensate for the busy household and the family’s three children. “She wanted to have the kitchen look really inviting, warm and friendly,” she said. “She didn’t want anything fussy.”

Fireclay, ceramic tiles offer both a low-maintenance backsplash and a pop of color. “She loves color, so we tried to inject color everywhere,” said Jacoby. “That green is her favorite.”

While the traditional style calls more often for patterned tiles, this backsplash is simply a solid color with a small band of white around the perimeter.

“She ultimately decided she wanted something she wasn’t ever going to get tired of,” she explained. These hand-made tiles are made to look unique, and each has a slightly different color. Over the island, two stained glass pendants add a touch of gold with an abstract pattern. “She wanted that look that it was handmade for her,” said Jacoby.

The master bath honored that desire as well. Tiny glass tiles create a mural of green, blue, turquoise and tan behind the vanity.

“It’s very unique in that it looks like its handmade,” Jacoby explained. “We took our inspiration from the Craftsman green, and then we modernized it and made it more vibrant for her.”

The backsplash runs on the flash above and below the mirror, mimicking a wall covered in tile. Pale green porcelain tiles line the floors and carry into the steam shower.

“The bathroom wasn’t all that large, but with a steam shower you don’t need it very large anyway,” said Jacoby. Alongside the glass enclosure and two showerheads, the bench seat ties into the vanity with its matching wraparound green mosaic. “When I walked into that room it just looked stunning,” she said. “I love the contrast. I love everything about it.”

The Craftsman green halted at the door of the young teenage daughter’s bathroom. “We kind of debated whether we wanted to go with something she liked now but she might grow out of,” said Jacoby. “But the tiles were so pretty and she loves all of the colors.”

Four ceramic tiles in aqua, navy, pale green and lavender back the shower for a splash of color. Arranged in a random pattern, purple and pink glass tiles accent the squares, and pale lavender walls and a white painted vanity contrast the busy pattern. “I was really hoping to get something very feminine, friendly and colorful,” she said. “I think the colors are so cute.”

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