September 29, 2014

The unmemorable qualities of the 1970s often reappear in bathroom redesigns.

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“This one had a very cramped shower and toilet in one tiny box-like space,” said Komal Sheth of Spaces Designed. With this outdated start, the master bathroom had a while to go to reach Sheth’s goal.

“I wanted to transform a plain vanilla, dated bathroom into a work of art full of ‘aha’ touches with seamless function and modern elegance,” he explained.

The master bath previously sported the characteristic lights from the 1970s, as well as unsightly striped wallpaper. A lack of private toilet space and a plethora of brass and gold fixtures completed the outdated picture.

To create a sense of openness, the tiled areas were fitted with monochromatic shades of neutral color. The floor’s tan tone contrasts with the cabinetry’s mahogany stained wood, which is dark enough to juxtapose the light palette without darkening the space.

“I always have a Zen inspiration and influence in all the bathrooms that I design,” said Sheth. “I always want to give a spa-like feeling to the client.”

The shower, which Sheth calls a work of art by itself, offers a contrast to the rest of the bath with linen tiles and a wall accented by a wave design. New shower fixtures and integrated lighting add vibrancy and visual interest to the canvas.

“All of this is framed in a frameless shower to ensure an unobstructed visual treat for the observer,” he added.

 To maintain continuity with the linen tiles in the shower, the cabinets boast horizontal, subtle veining. Stainless steel hardware updates the cabinetry further and complements the new wood-and-stainless steel barn door to the bathroom. Lights placed strategically over the vanity illuminate the quartz countertop and mosaic tile backsplash.

Along with updating the design aesthetically, Sheth aimed to increase storage space. The linen cabinet at the end of the vanity was installed from floor to ceiling to maximize storage. The two separate closet spaces were combined into one, and the custom cabinets were designed into organized spaces.

The home’s smaller bathroom, adorned in outdated flowered wallpaper, was a different hurdle.

“I was presented with quite a challenge for this smaller remodel,” commented Sheth. “The goal was to design a modern and intriguing space while still keeping functionality in mind.”

To make the bathroom slightly larger, Sheth wanted to take some space from the master bedroom. The bedroom’s existing window then had to be incorporated into the existing shower and waterproofed. Similar to the master bath, light floor tiles and subtle lighting to add to the natural light keep the space open, while the tile backsplash adds a hint of glamour.

“We turned this bathroom into an everyday oasis with soft hues and inviting décor,” said Sheth.

Source List:

Floor Tiles – Dal Tile – 12×24
Bathroom Wall tiles – Porcelanosa
Accent tiles in the shower niche and behind the vanity – Dal Tile

Source List

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