November 7, 2016

The character of a Cape Cod-style home is something to be cherished, but if the inside fails the classic architecture outside, there’s a challenge in store for the interior designer.    

“The goal of this whole-house renovation was to update and expand the existing home while maintaining the quaint architectural structure,” said John Fowler, project manager of North Potomac, Md.-based Glickman Design Build. “It was important to the homeowners that the remodel fit in with the rest of the neighborhood.”

Many other homes in the community had already been renovated, but the upgrades done had transformed the classically small houses into “big-box” homes that overpowered the existing buildings. With that in mind, the homeowners approached Glickman Design Build with several requests, including incorporating a new living room and screened porch and remodeling the master bathroom and kitchen.

Goals for the New Kitchen

“The clients’ requirements for the kitchen were to make the space larger with a more sensible flow, clean look and bar seating for quick meals,” said Fowler, adding that the original design was choppy and dated, and the homeowners wanted to open everything up. “It also needed to make a statement.”

The homeowners wanted a bigger kitchen, but the current space was too narrow for the open floor plan they had in mind and the exterior could not be modified for an addition. So the team tore out the current kitchen, moved it into an existing office/den and turned the previous space into the mudroom.

Although this took a significant amount of demo and plumbing work, including installing a new beam to support the floor, the new kitchen now has plenty of room for an L-shaped bar and a more modern floor plan. The design team used Revit Design software for this tricky job; designs in the program are easily turned into 3D modeling.

“The style of the exterior home pretty much remained untouched,” said Fowler. “A new front cedar porch was added for warmth and enhanced curb appeal, while keeping the Cape Cod feel.”

Making the Kitchen Stand Out

With the new location of the kitchen settled, the team worked to outfit the room with a modern look that makes a statement. For that striking piece, the team chose a blue glass subway tile backsplash, which has a bright and cheery oceanic tone.

“While the backsplash added the ‘wow’ factor to the room, the cabinets and countertops offered a clean, unique look that allowed it to pop,” said Fowler.

The white cabinetry is fronted with simple doors and modern stainless steel hardware and features a white-painted matte finish. The white palette continues to the countertops, where a recycled glass surface material adds a sense of elegance and character to the space. Made of pieces of white glass, the counter does not draw attention away from the backsplash but still has its own distinctive character.

“The countertop is not one you see very often,” said Fowler, “but it brings a unique element into the design.”

Both the countertop and the white cabinetry make up an L-shaped perimeter bar, leaving the center of the cooking space open for easy movement.

Changing the Master

Like the remodeled kitchen, the goal for the master bathroom was to introduce an updated and fresh look.

“The master bathroom was designed to create a relaxing oasis the homeowners could enjoy first thing in the morning and after a long day,” said Fowler.

This spa-like space now features a simple wooden double vanity with the same recycled glass countertops as the kitchen but with more blue in the palette. The bathroom’s standout piece is in the shower, where one wall is covered in blue mosaic tile. The beige subway tile of the adjacent two walls lets the blue mosaic in the center take the stage.

“The homeowners were looking for a room that featured a modern elegance; that provided the inspiration for our product selections,” said Fowler. “The clients had a great sense of style and were eager to incorporate unique components into the design and material selections, which makes it exciting. Seeing everything come together as beautifully as it did brought us great joy on this project.”

Source List

Designer: John Fowler, Glickman Design Build
Photographer: John Cole

Backsplash: Humboldt Glass Subway Tile
Cabinetry: Crystal Cabinets
Countertop: Curava Arctic
Hardware: Top Knobs
Sink: Proflo
Spray Faucet: Kohler Forte

Master Bathroom
Accent Wall: Redmond
Bathroom Floor: Converse Gris
Cabinets: Crystal Cabinets
Countertop: Curava Himalaya
Faucet: Delta
Handheld Shower: Kohler
Hardware: Top Knobs
Shower Fixtures: Delta Dryden
Shower Floor: San Dona
Shower Walls: Imperial Gris

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