July 31, 2015

Some say it spun out of the industrial look; others believe it began simply as antique chic. Whatever the case, rustic luxe has taken glamour and given it character.

A young family in Gilbert, Ariz., had this appeal in mind for their formerly traditional home. With designer Angelica Henry on board, the family hoped to create a better gathering place out of a home once finished with carved stone and ornate ironwork.

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Must-Haves in the Master
“Based on the clients’ requirements for their lifestyle and desired aesthetic, everything from the overall footprint of the house down to the finishes needed to change,” said Henry, who is the founding designer of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Angelica Henry Design.

While the homeowners said they simply wanted rustic and unique materials, their list extended as the design went further. The freestanding tub and a double-sided fish tank were two must-haves for the master bathroom, and an ‘erosion’ sink gained priority when the clients saw it.

As one of the focal points, the vanity and its two erosion sinks – known for a unique rippled effect – extend across a wall covered by aged octagonal stones. Contrasting the two circular mirrors, distressed alder wood cabinets and candle-like fixtures create an old-world look. A deep brass, freestanding tub sits parallel to the vanity, with the glass-enclosed shower behind it.

Adorned with mosaic tile on the walls and ceilings and 10 shower sprays, as well as handhelds and a bench, the shower would be luxurious just because of its size and amenities. The twist of character, however, comes from the fish tank in the back wall.

“One of the biggest challenges was incorporating the fish tank into the shower – it was both an aesthetic challenge and a practical challenge to trim out properly, but I think it turned out great,” said Henry. “And most importantly, the client absolutely loves it.”

The fish tank opens up to both the shower and the client’s closet. Blue LED panels on the closet wall give the bathroom space a personal touch by illuminating the owner’s vast shoe collection from behind.

Livable Luxury in the Kitchen
The homeowners hoped for a similar sense of personality in the kitchen. Starting with high, vaulted ceilings, the challenge for Henry was also designing the feel the clients wanted from the beginning.

“I had to address the scale and proportion within the space to create a sense of intimacy, while concealing modern technology and maintaining an ingenuity of concepts and materials,” she said.

Along with tin ceiling panels and massive wood beams above, the kitchen features accessories like old-fashioned icebox hardware and antique hinges against a back wall of aged brick. Concrete counters and painted wood cabinets surround the perimeter underneath a black, custom-designed hood that extends to the ceiling.

“These beautifully imperfect and aged materials infuse warmth, texture and character in the kitchen, and many of these materials are infused throughout the home for a sense of continuity,” said Henry, also pointing out the faux earthquake washers – a star-shaped plate used in old homes for structural reinforcement – on the top of the wall, which add a charming and historical architectural detail to the space.

A butcher-block counter top complements the island’s rift-cut oak base, which has a soft gray-green hue to match the range. A pot rack, made of an old ladder, hangs above the island.

 “I love that the kitchen is a comfortable gathering spot for their family and friends,” said Henry. “It simply has a livable, rustic luxury about it.”

Source List

Designer: Angelica Henry
Photographer: Mark Boisclair

Master Bathroom:
Counters: Gore Design Co.

Flooring: Interior Concepts

Interior Doors: Door Works
Rebar: Grizzly Iron
Wall Treatments: Steel & Stone

Barstools: Designed by Angelica Henry, fabricated by SR Drost

Brick: The Brickyard, Inc. 

Cabinets: Burdette

Cabinetry Hardware: Those Gringos

Hood: Designed by Angelica Henry, fabricated by Grizzly Iron

Icebox Latches: FLUX
Island: Designed by Angelica Henry, fabricated by Burdette Cabinetry

Pot Rack: Designed by Angelica Henry, fabricated by FLUX Design Studio Phoenix

Sink: Concrete Interiors
Tin Ceiling Treatment: M-Boss Inc.

Source List

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