August 14, 2017

As one of London’s most affluent areas, the Chelsea district is known for playing host to music legends and bohemian movements. In the most recent years, however, it has also become a hub for interior design brands. BAGNODESIGN, a luxury bathroom showroom that just opened in May, is one of the most recent.

“One of the key benefits of having a showroom in such a prominent design area of London is that our brand and products become more visible to the international community that call London their second home,” said Daryl Barker, founder and managing director of BAGNODESIGN under SANIPEX GROUP.

The Ideal Location

Before opening the London flagship, the company had already established itself in prominent cities such as Mumbai, Istanbul and Moscow. With the London showroom, they wanted to continue reaching a multi-national clientele.

“The new flagship store opened in London’s Design Quarter to both build a stronger relationship with the very influential design community, as well as leverage off the location of Kings Road to promote the brand globally,” said Barker.

King’s Road, where the showroom is located, is known as a shopping destination with brands such as Tiffany & Co., Dolce & Gabbana and Prada lining the streets. Set on a prominent street corner near these notable brands, the showroom is poised to attract a high-end client.

“We were searching for such a prestigious location for two years until we found something we felt was right for the brand and for a new flagship showroom,” added Barker.

Dream Options

Inside, the showroom is split into two levels. Immediately upon entering, clients see BAGNODESIGN’s latest range of working showers in a range of finishes. Nearby, there is a full glass-walled spa bathroom.

“We wanted to be different from our competitors and present the creativity of BAGNODESIGN with some dream bathroom options,” said Barker, adding that the design was completed using Innoplus software.

To showcase these dream options, the rest of the ground floor focuses on luxury and wellness and includes working rain showers, spa baths and steam rooms. Here they also display their selection of textures and finishes, as well as technology for the bath.

“We have incorporated the latest technology with new digital shower valves, our new digital steam controls and the latest spa options,” said Barker. “There are also many screens throughout the showroom with design and technical support videos.”

The next floor has more of a contemporary aesthetic and includes a Tile Studio – a new and popular section.

“Tiles have been available through BAGNODESIGN showrooms for many years, but until 2015 they accounted for less than five percent of our total retail sales,” said Barker. “We could see we were losing potential sales revenue due to not having a focus on tiles.”

As a result, the company developed a dedicated team to concentrate on understanding the latest trends and developments in tile production and installation. In addition to partnering with tile companies FAP Ceramiche and Johnson Tiles, the retail and project teams underwent a training program and the display was optimized.

“As a result, we have now quadrupled our tile sales, and therefore it is imperative that we incorporate tile studios in all our U.K. showrooms,” said Barker, adding that this showcase gallery will be continuously updated with new innovations.

This floor also features Café Bagno, a coffee shop open all day for visitors. This shop enables the showroom to offer both hospitality and workspace for clients and designers. In addition to the draw of the coffee shop, BAGNODESIGN also plans to host regular events in the showroom and coffee shop, covering different topics such as tiles or tubs.

“After hours we can offer hospitality for designer events,” said Barker. “Our opening event last month was a big success with over 200 attendees, many of which were still in attendance late into the night.”

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Designer: Daryl Barker, founder and managing director of BAGNODESIGN/SANIPEX GROUP
Photography: BAGNODESIGN

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