Artaic Tapped for DXV Design Panel Vignette

October 1, 2018

Artaic, the mosaic manufacturer that uses sophisticated software and robotic assembly systems, is excited to announce its participation in a luxury bathroom designed by Boston-area firm Wilson Kelsey Design for the DXV Design Panel 2018. DXV annually awards four individual designers or small teams of designers with DXV panel memberships to unveil luxury bathrooms using its products at the DXV Design Summit.

This year, Wilson Kelsey Design was one of the selected panelists, bringing Artaic on board to offer its expertise in mosaics for all tile work. With a directive to create a space inspired by an art movement from 1875-1915, firm co-founders Sally Wilson and John Kelsey looked to the Impressionism art movement and French painter Monet to influence their abstract and luxurious bathroom. The design duo aimed to celebrate Monet’s “Water Lilies” series using the architecture of the classic period, modern aesthetics, and technology through fixtures, lighting and materials. Artaic’s advanced custom mosaic capabilities were integral in executing this design plan. Wilson Kelsey Design unveiled its luxury bath concept at the DXV 2018 Design Panel Reveal Event in New York City at the Agora Gallery on September 12.

“Working with Artaic on this project was superb,” said Kelsey. “Their creativity, technical capabilities and manufacturing processes were instrumental in helping us decide what direction to go with for our lily mosaic. The simple clear installation directions made for an easy installation in the midst of a very tight construction schedule.”

Within their mission to merge classicism with modernism, the Wilson Kelsey Design team chose to acknowledge Pointillism, an Impressionist painting technique using tiny dots of color to create an image, much like the computer screen does today. The juxtaposition of the pixelated nature of a mosaic and Artaic’s robotics-based manufacturing system embodies a modern approach to Pointillism that matched Kelsey and Wilson’s visions for this space.

“Artaic’s in house designer immediately grasped our vision of a lily floating on water, with its alluring reflections,” said Wilson. “Her artistic expression of this became the basis for the background wall of the walk-in shower.”

“I love the exploded, larger than life, mosaic lily,” she added. “That to me, becomes the ‘wow’ factor! The factor that makes you want to come into your bathroom and spend time there, and enjoy all the little details.”

Along with the unveiling at the DXV Design Summit, the final designs will be published in DECADEFIFTEEN Inspired Resources magazine and will be used in the national ad campaign for DXV, appearing in Architectural Digest, Veranda, Elle Decor, Traditional Home and House Beautiful magazines.

“We were thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with Wilson Kelsey Design on this unique project,” said Artaic founder Ted Acworth. “It was rewarding to achieve John and Sally’s vision, marrying our modern robotic technology with the iconic Water Lily imagery. It is exemplary of the spirit of our company— reinventing the historic art form of mosaics, making them more accessible and customizable for contemporary designers.”