Gaggenau Unveils Flagship Showroom in Chicago

June 7, 2017

The latest Gaggenau flagship showroom opens its doors in the iconic Merchandise Mart in Chicago. The design by einszu33 architecture firm draws inspiration from Mies van der Rohe’s architectural philosophy with free flowing spaces created amidst structural order. Van der Rohe’s principles are reflected in an open plan design that acts as a framework for dedicated areas where cultural events like wine tastings, culinary evenings or professional training sessions can be held.

The new space provides an extraordinary blueprint for a showroom, its 20-foot ceiling height creates a cube-like dynamic with a 3-D feel. Natural light flows into the showroom through a vast expanse of glass that forms an entire wall and offers panoramic views of the Chicago River. Upon entering the space, visitors are met with a marble heritage wall that presents the history of the brand’s origins dating back to 1683. This display of tradition is juxtaposed with the avant-garde grid design, where boldly carved out blocks and slices provide the perfect setting to present the latest Gaggenau appliances.

More than simply a showcase for “objets d’art,” the space aims to inspire people with a passion for all things culinary and social. The creation of individual areas dedicated to culinary expertise, fine wines and coffee culture – including live cooking zones – will draw visitors into the space and exemplify the sophisticated lifestyle that is central to the brand’s ethos.

What holds true for the design of Gaggenau appliances applies equally to the showroom and building it is located within – bold, minimalist structures demand exceptional materials, lavish surfaces and textures and clean contours. Smooth white marble, white oiled oak, travertine stone and ceramic tiles are combined with Gaggenau’s signature gray, dark anthracite and metal accents throughout, creating a tactile and immersive experience.

“Our international showrooms present the history and heritage of Gaggenau with the very latest innovations and products. They provide the stage from which we celebrate our brand philosophy and culture, through the finest in culinary and epicurean enjoyment,” said Head of Global Brand Gaggenau Sven Schnee. “This latest showroom was carefully chosen for its exceptional location within the iconic Merchandise Mart. It will provide the opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the brand, as well as strengthening our position in the North American market in 2017.”

Gaggenau’s long-standing relationship with Munich-based architecture firm einszu33 – responsible for the brand’s international showrooms – ensures the designers have an in-depth understanding of Gaggenau’s aims and the constraints of any given location. Under the direction of Hendrik Müller, the firm’s latest project with Gaggenau retains the brand’s ethos at the core of its design, drawing inspiration from the setting and integrating the project seamlessly into existing local culture and the surrounding architecture.