Functional Space Savers in Kitchen Design

November 30, 2023

When it comes to kitchen design, functionality and aesthetics play an important role. To ensure you create a kitchen your client will cherish for years, prioritizing function will guarantee your clients a worthwhile investment. Focusing on functionality includes rethinking traditional solutions, especially when it comes to pantry units and narrow spaces.

Above photo: Each drawer of a Blum SPACE TOWER unit can be planned at different heights within the cabinet, ensuring no item is too tall to store.

Pantry Units with Individual Drawers

SPACE TOWER pantry units from Blum are a game-changer in kitchen design. Often designed as tall cabinets, these units offer a multi-tiered solution. Traditional pantry cabinets with shelves lead to hidden, hard-to-reach items, while drawers allow for easy access and visibility. Imagine a pantry where every can, jar and box have its own place, visible and easily accessible with a light pull. Unlike heavy wire solutions, each drawer can be pulled out independently, providing multiple retrieval points.

Blum's space tower space savers in kitchen design

The SPACE TOWER pantry unit with full-extension drawers gives you clear visibility of all storage items. Each drawer when equipped with Blum can carry up to 170 pounds.

Working in common pantry applications (ranging from 18-36 inches) these units can even be as wide as 42 inches, giving you flexibility to personalize your design to fit your clients’ lifestyle. Additionally, each tier can be sized according to the items stored within, from deep drawers for bulky goods to shallow ones for canned goods. The drawers can be positioned at different heights within the cabinet, ensuring no item is too tall to store. The use of full-extension slides allow the drawers to open completely so even items at the back are visible.

Pair your pantry unit with some interior organization to prevent items from shifting. Zero-protrusion, wide-angle hinges are key in ensuring the door moves completely out of the way, allowing the drawer plenty enough space to pass without collision. If the bottom hinge is mounted above the lowest drawer, the drawer can be placed right at the bottom, making the most of those last few inches of valuable space.

Blum's space twin closeup

With diagonally offset runners, you can incorporate solutions as slim as 6” with no loss of stability.

Narrow Drawer Solutions

Often overlooked, narrow drawers are incredibly effective in utilizing otherwise wasted space. These drawers from BLUM are perfect for storing oils and spices, baking sheets or cutting boards. With diagonally offset runners, you can incorporate solutions as slim as 6 inches when using SPACE TWIN.

Dedicating a space for specific items increases the overall functionality of a kitchen. When designed with a workflow-oriented layout, it not only improves daily routines but also creates a place for items that could clutter countertops or larger drawers.

Blum's space twin

Narrow drawers create storage solutions out of otherwise wasted space, freeing up countertop space.

Using Blum in Smart Solutions

Choosing Blum’s LEGRABOX metal drawer systems and MOVENTO runners for wood drawers helps you create a harmonious kitchen design because these same products can be used in applications throughout the kitchen. Each drawer can carry up to 170 pounds and still open effortlessly. Combine with SERVO-DRIVE for an electronic assisted opening or TIP-ON BLUMOTION for a mechanical touch-to-open to further enhance accessibility.

Focusing on functional solutions in kitchen design is not only a testament to your creativity but creates a space that makes using the kitchen a joy for your clients.

By Karen Smith, Brand Communication Coordinator, Blum

Photo credit: Blum