California Faucets ZeroDrain

January 28, 2022

California Faucets has improved the future of the bathroom sink drain with its award-winning and the streamlined ZeroDrain. The new drain offers a more design-friendly appeal over outdated rod-and-clip drain designs. With no unsightly protruding plunger, ZeroDrain is easy to install and even easier to clean. Its patented user-friendly design helps to minimize bathroom sink clogs, allowing homeowners to avoid pouring harmful chemicals—and money for expensive plumbing repairs—down the drain.

Cleaning this California Faucets drain couldn’t be simpler. Just pull out the stopper, rinse out the gunk, and reinsert. The process adds only a few seconds to regular cleaning time but can help to seriously reduce drain clogs, saving the hassle, headache and expense of calling the plumber to unclog the drain.