Acquabella Beton Finish Shower Base

January 18, 2022

Acquabella’s new Beton finish option for shower bases is a perfect pairing of artisan inspiration and a trendy urban aurora. Beton captures the visual and tactile experience of concrete with a luxurious high-definition finish. The Duo Beton shower base will appeal to those who love customization with a hidden drain for a minimalist look or a stainless-steel grid for a bolder style. 

Shower bases are a smart and increasingly popular choice for today’s contemporary bathrooms – practical, space-saving and now full of show-stopping organic style. The base itself is constructed from Acquabella’s signature Akron compound of polyurethane and mineral fillers that produces a solid finish. The Beton finish adds an eye-catching element as well as an invigorating texture that feels amazing underfoot.

Safety is always a top concern, and the Beton option is as practical as it is beautiful. The non-slip surface is resistant to impact and thermal shock and includes antibacterial properties for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

Duo Beton slimline shower bases are offered in a variety of sizes, ranging from a square 36 by 36 inches to a linear 36 by 60 inches. Choose from an array of color options as well, from dramatic black and snow white to elegant shades of brown, light gray and dark gray.