June 25, 2018

ICERA affirms its commitment to water-saving technology with the release of its newly redesigned Palermo II 1.0 GPF toilet. This impressive toilet uses just one gallon of water per flush, thereby earning its designation as an ultra high-efficiency toilet (UHET). The Palmero has been recently updated with a new contemporary look, creating a sleek exterior style that compliments the smart plumbing technology on the inside.

The two-piece Palermo toilet is ADA compliant with a chair-height bowl that is compact and elongated for maximum comfort. This model includes thoughtful touches, such as a Silent-Close quick-release seat and cover, and has been factory flush-tested to ensure optimum performance. Crafted of vitreous china, the toilet is available in a white or balsa glaze and with a choice of five metal finishes on the tank lever and hardware. The Palermo includes ICERA’s EcoQUATTROTM flushing system with high-performance, gravity-assisted flushes and also features an oversized 3-in. flush valve, a fully glazed 2 1⁄8-in. internal trapway and a large 9-by-7-in. water surface area with optimized jets for an exceptionally clean bowl.