Modern Matter Hardware Sarah Bartholomew Collections

January 20, 2022

Southern Living Idea House 2021 designer Sarah Bartholomew’s latest collections for Modern Matter Hardware include the Washington and Alexandria, continuing her pursuit to design and curate elegant products for home and beyond. Each design in this collection brings beauty and balance with an uncommon and harmonious simplicity. For the collection, Bartholomew proportionately uses design, texture and finishes to create timeless pieces that will continue to enthrall and inspire for years to come. 

All hardware designs are handmade using time-honored metalsmithing techniques from 100% solid brass, ensuring the finest quality finishes.  

The Washington Collection is characterized by the form of a beehive and uses style and sophistication to embody this classic motif. Inspired by Georgian architecture, these designs feature thoughtful attention to scale and symmetry, synonymous with simple classical elegance. 

Bartholomew’s Washington Collection includes various hardware styles in three different finishes, including polished brass, burnished brass and polished nickel. The polished nickel Washington knobs are featured in the master bath of the Southern Living 2021 Idea house in Louisville, Kentucky. 

A series defined by symmetry and proportion, each piece in the Alexandria Collection encapsulates the elegance of Georgian design, which serves to highlight classical tradition and mathematical ratios inspired by the architecture of Greece and Rome. 

With an appreciation for more simple and straightforward forms — Bartholomew’s Alexandria Collection features knobs and pulls that make a new kitchen feel old. Her line offers a clean and classic feel with pieces that will truly stand the test of time.