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Walker Zanger Geometric Collection

January 5, 2024

Walker Zanger, leader in the design and distribution of luxury natural and engineered surfaces, introduces the Geometric Collection. The new collection of three-dimensional marble tiles offered in a diverse range of colors and dramatic honed finishes promises a fusion of durability and unparalleled style.

Meticulously crafted from the finest natural stone, these marble tiles epitomize luxury and innovation. Geometric redefines conventional design with a deep dimensional quality, capturing the timeless beauty of marble. With Prizm and Fluted variations, the exquisite and intricate tile patterns are impossible to replicate. Each tile is a singular masterpiece that will captivate and impress with its unrivaled craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal.

The collection includes four captivating colors each offering a unique look that contributes to a refined visual experience. Nero, Lilac, Rosso Levanto and Chiffon are available in 6 by 12 inch Prizm or 12 by 24 inch Fluted dimensional tiles, presenting an exquisite array of combinations. Colors include:

Nero. The deepest color in the collection is a sleek, matte black contrasted with fine lines of subtle white veining. Nero exudes a bold, modern style, making it the perfect choice for a contemporary kitchen or a daring bathroom.

Lilac. A cool-toned statement stone with intricate plum-colored veins on a white backdrop. Lilac brings a sense of calm and sophistication, ideal for a luxurious spa-inspired bathroom or serene bedroom retreat.

Rosso Levanto. Shown above, this rare marble is characterized by a rich red hue with exquisite white veining, accented by shades of black and grey. Rosso Levanto makes a striking focal point for an entryway or feature wall.

Chiffon. The warmer white base of this marble is enhanced by hints of gold, taupe, and grey veins. Chiffon exudes warmth and elegance, making it an excellent choice for an inviting kitchen or stylish dining room.

Photo credit: Walker Zanger

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