Hardware Renaissance Brushed Bronze Patina

February 24, 2022

Hardware Renaissance has expanded its offerings with brushed bronze hand-finished patina. The brand’s line of authentic hand-forged iron and modern bronze hardware features distinctive detailing, inlays and patinas, and the new finish perfectly replicates the soft golden hues of fine champagne. Brushed bronze is refreshingly pure and natural, as hand-applied patinas vary slightly with organic hardware, adding to the bespoke properties of each piece and highlighting the remarkable beauty of this copper-rich alloy.

The creation process begins with the sandcasting of fine silicon bronze. Each bit of hardware is painstakingly refined, polished and finished by hand with rich patinas and waxes. The result is a true living finish that will age and mature over time without tarnishing. If desired, the finish can be easily maintained in its original state with regular waxing. 

Hardware Renaissance has made the brushed bronze finish available exclusively with its solid bronze hardware collections, which include both traditional European designs and sleek contemporary styles. Choose from an array of door and cabinet hardware sets in many sizes and configurations, all built to the highest standards and finished to perfection.