New Service for Firms to Review Customers

August 31, 2016

ContractorsCustomers.com allows business owners to read and write reviews of past or potential clients. It reduces the uncertainty business owners often feel when engaging with potential clients/customers about whether to do business together. Any business owner knows that gaining just one well-matched new customer can be a profitable and enjoyable experience. Avoiding a client/customer who is not a good match could save the business owner and the prospective client/customer significant time, money and undo stress.

How it works: A business owner joins, and then they can enter reviews on customers based on the experiences they have had with those customers. This data is then available for other business owners to access and make better decisions with.

The benefit is that the business owner can write a review based on their opinion of that customer for other business owners to see and consider.

The new website is the brainchild of a business owner, who with the feedback from a focus group of business owners, conceived the idea based on their own experiences.  In a sense it is a “reverse Angie’s list”, a website where businesses can write and search for reviews on customers.

Current members have reported customers wanting business owners to write good reviews on them so they can attract and work with better quality businesses.

 The new website went live earlier this year. The site is free to business owners for a limited time. To learn more, go to www.contractorscustomers.com or info@contractorscustomers.com.