ADAC Announces 2022 Southeast Designers and Architect of the Year Winners

May 3, 2022

The 2022 Southeast Designers and Architect of the Year Awards (SEDY) have been presented by ADAC and VERANDA magazine to the region’s most imaginative and forward-thinking minds in the categories of architecture, contract design, and residential design. Reviewed by a celebrated group of judges, including VERANDA executive editor Ellen McGauley, founder & principal of Yellow House Architects Elizabeth Graziolo and award-winning interior designer Ron Woodson of Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design, the winners were picked from a group of 38 regional finalists spanning seven states.

“The presentation ceremony marked another exciting event filled with first-time SEDY winners, and the second year in a row that our Residential winner is from Birmingham, Alabama,” said Katie Miner, ADAC general manager. “What makes it even more special is that the architects at Harrison Design won the prestigious architect award, exemplifying the impact good design has over generations as they carry on the legacy of their founder and design icon Bill Harrison. At the same time, Kelley Harris of Harris Interiors and Liz Hand Woods of Liz Hand Woods Associates are in the process of building legacies of their own while becoming design icons themselves. It was thrilling to see the theme of this year’s market, weaving together generations of style, come full circle at last night’s awards ceremony.”


adac winner

Photo by Jean Alsop

Residential Design Winner: Liz Hand Woods of Liz Hand Woods Associates, Birmingham, Ala.

ADAC Judge Ellen McGauley said, “There’s so much magic in a well-edited room, and this designer’s work displays such balance in tonal color, symmetry, and restraint. Quiet, but also wonderfully harmonious.”

“Inspired by classic design principles, Liz Hand Woods Associates strives to evoke a sense of serenity through the introduction of modern, clean lines as the foundation of all of our projects, juxtaposed with unexpected layers of color, texture, glamour, and antiquity providing necessary balance and intrigue,” said Liz Hand Woods. “The philosophy is evidenced throughout our work through the use of simple but commanding upholstery and case goods and a fabulous mix of lush fabrics and accessories, carefully curated artwork, and stunning one of a kind pieces. Note throughout our photographs, the harmonious blend of key pieces such as strikingly beautiful chandeliers, sensational artwork, and crusty, primitive elements.”


architecture winner

Photo by Emily Followill Photography

Architecture Winner: Harrison Design, Atlanta, Ga.

Bulent Baydar of Harrison Design, said, “At Harrison Design, as exemplified by the projects submitted, we strive to create timeless architecture with classical lines, proportions, and spatial experiences, while adapting to the needs of today’s modern family home. These modern needs include the creation of open-flow, multifunctional, and natural light-filled spaces while using the latest technological and structural advancements that are available to us as architects.”

“I love the exterior mix of traditional and contemporary, particularly with expansive windows and the unexpected shape of the pool. I really appreciate the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail shown throughout. This is timeless architecture at its best!” said ADAC judge Ron Woodson about Harrison Design.


contract winner

Photo by Chris Little Photography

Contract Design Winner: Harris Interiors, Atlanta, Ga.

“We were impressed with the deft balance of color in this project, which was powerful but not overwhelming. An overall dark palette adds richness to the spaces, punctuated by strategic use of bright-hued accents and accessories. The color combinations convey a sense of elegant timelessness,” said ADAC judge Elizabeth Graziolo.