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IWF 2022 Hits & Highlights

August 29, 2022

The 2022 International Woodworking Fair (IWF) is North America’s largest woodworking technology and design trade show and conference. It took place in Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center last week, and KBB was introduced to a host of new product offerings.

Below are a few of our favorites from IWF 2022, and the gallery highlights many more.


With the Pull-Out Table Fitting with Folding Leg hardware from Häfele, you can fit an entire full-sized table in a space the size of a drawer. This dynamic hardware allows you to dramatically extend the surface space in practically any room – allowing enough seating room for up to seven people and a load bearing capacity of 132 lbs. Available in three installation widths ranging from 22 to 45 inches – this pull-out table hardware is easy to set up and lock in place and just as simple to put away, allowing users to easily reclaim the space when needed.


The newest application of REHAU’s RAUVISIO noir monotonic matte surface, RAUVISIO noir compact, evokes the compelling mystique of the film noir aesthetic. The compact 12-mm-thick solid-core panel is suited for both vertical and horizontal applications, offering identical monotonic matte surfaces on both sides with a color-matched core that creates a seamless matte appearance from any angle. Forged in Italy, the refined, stylish and highly touchable material is deeply light absorbent, resilient, independent-healing and designed to resist fingerprints, chemicals, stains, water and heat. Hygienic and environmentally friendly, RAUVISIO noir compact is available in four cinematic-inspired colors.