Mockett Announces 36th Design Competition Winners

January 31, 2022

Going into its 37th year, Mockett’s Annual Design Competition seeks the best innovative ideas in furniture parts, components, accessories and hardware. The competition celebrates creativity while creating real-world applications that are useful to our industry and can go on to have an impact on homeowners’ daily lives. Winners are awarded $1,000, an engraved achievement trophy and a royalty based on sales, with no limit to the number of First Place awards. 

The two winners of the 2021 competition have been announced.

Sebastian Bartlett produced a unique design with an Art Deco look that instantly attracted the judges. Three sleek aluminum sheets bending out ever so slightly from a welded joint make this hook what it is — a stunning statement piece that seamlessly combines beauty and function. Mockett has already begun printing some 3D models and are in the works with Sebastian to see how the company can bring the hook to market soon. 

Another winner is the hook by Jake Gillespie, which Mockett calls the first of its kind for the brand. Featuring two parts, the hook itself and a screw-on clamp that allows it to flow in and out beneath the surface, the hook slides out when you need it to hang purses, backpacks and more, and slides back under the surface and out of sight when not in use. Mockett looks forward to working with Gillespie to make his Desk Hook everything it can be. 

Mockett is now accepting entries for the 2022 contest. The deadline is always the Tuesday after Labor Day — that’s Sept. 6, 2022 — and submission information can be found here