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SEN Innovation Award Given to Jack Kellerman

December 11, 2022

At its recent Tucson Fall Conference, the SEN Design Group announced its 2022 Innovation Award winner to be Jack Kellerman of Baton Rouge, La. A former successful kitchen designer and member of this nationwide kitchen/bath buying group based in Charlotte, N.C., Kellerman developed a rigid clear Plexiglas stand to hold Ziploc bags in place so cooked foods can be easily poured into them for storage in a freezer or refrigerator.

He worked with a virtual assistant from the Philippines to source the manufacturing of the product in China. Kellerman now markets the ingenious Zip Quicker for $24.95 worldwide through Amazon. And he accomplished all this while lying in bed paralyzed with multiple sclerosis.

“Innovation is commonly associated these days with major advances in technology leading to breakthrough productivity and revenue growth. But it can also come with simple household or consumer items that make everyday life just a little bit easier or enjoyable,” said Ken Peterson, CKD, founder and president of the SEN Design Group.

Peterson traveled last month to present the award personally to Kellerman in his Baton Rouge home. Kellerman also received $4,000 in Zip Quicker orders from his fellow SEN members who will use the products as thank you gifts with their kitchen clients. For his ingenuity, and his inspirational story of courage and creativity in the face of adversity, the SEN Design Group is renaming this recognition as the Jack Kellerman Innovation Award for future presentations.

At age 30, Kellerman was diagnosed with MS. Over his 25-year kitchen design career, Kellerman’s symptoms progressed. He went from walking with a cane to using a walker, then to a wheelchair. Now after lying in bed for the last three years, paralyzed and not being productive, he decided to start a new business at age 54. Kellerman had this Zip Quicker idea for years but never acted on it. He placed an ad on a website for residents where Filipinos seek employment.

Within 24 hours, he had 600 applications and hired a virtual assistant.

“It is so cool to be working with people from all over the world,” said Kellerman. His patent application was prepared in Pakistan and had technical drawings for the patent rendered in Saudi Arabia. The logo was created in Germany and a Bangladesh firm helped create the website. “I’ve had more blessings than I should be allowed,” Kellerman said. “Life handed me lemons, and now I’m putting those lemons in the Zip Quicker!” For more information on Jack Kellerman, please contact him at zipquicker@gmail.com.

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