Beautiful Dirty Spaces

August 22, 2019

This week’s KBTribeChat talked about one of our favorite add-on spaces: the mudroom. We’ve been seeing this more often in kitchen renovations in particular, where it only makes logical sense to give a main entranceway its own facelift. Here’s what we picked up during the chat about the best ways to outfit this passthrough space:

Laying out the benefits for your client:

  • Mudrooms catch and store everyday items to maintain clutter.
  • More than a dumping ground for shoes, a mudroom provides storage for items you need ready on your way out the door.
  • It’s a perfect place to hang items like purses and backpacks (especially since it’s back-to-school season).
  • This space provides a buffer zone for dirty shoes and clothes – as well as pets!

Locations that work best:

  • The entryway is still a given.
  • If your client has a back entryway, that might be better than the front in some cases if kids are often coming and going through here. 
  • It can be the first room entered from the garage, making it an easy spot to deposit keys and belongings.
  • Placing it next to the laundry makes it simple to throw dirty items in the wash.

Features to Include

  • A locker for each member of the household – both child and adult
  • A place to sit down and take off shoes
  • Hooks, hooks and more hooks!
  • A small countertop for keys and other pocket items
  • Overhead compartments for storing out-of-season items like winter hats in the summer or flip flops in the winter
  • A pet shower
  • A ladder to reach the tallest storage spots

Materials to include:

  • Durable and easily cleanable flooring
  • For this type of space, anything waterproof and stain- and impact-resistant is necessary.
  • Materials that are darker will hide dirt better in here.

Making it organized:

  • Install built-ins with a base cabinet and a countertop for dropping items.
  • Include a variety of organizational items, like hoods, shelves, drawers and cubbies.
  • Create a drop zone that fits the family’s lifestyle – like including a filing system for mail, an area for completed homework, a spot for keys, etc. Incorporate storage at varying heights so it can be used by every member of the family.
  • Use a magnetic wall for displaying notes and memos.
  • Hang a “to-do” board for an especially busy family.

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