Color Convo with Breegan Jane

March 21, 2022

Breegan Jane, celebrity interior designer and Legrand brand ambassador, shares her take on color trends of the past, present and future.

How have consumers’ color tastes changed over the last year?

All the time being stuck indoors has left a lot of people yearning for calming spaces. I see a lot of greens, blues and neutrals as everyone reconnects with that peaceful sense of nature again.

Are they still warming up to mostly neutrals? Or are they taking more risks?

Neutrals are winning right now. I do think there was a moment where people had fun with bright and bold colors to show off their personality. But after a bit of time with all that stimulation, there’s a return to more soothing spaces. Neutrals are the must-have ingredient for that.

What is your approach to choosing a color palette for your clients?

I attempt to tap into who they are and what kind of space they’re looking to create. I try to encourage my clients to have fun with color in ways that can be easily changed, like a bright bold handle, an edgy pillow or artwork. This way they can continue to rediscover themselves and what they like without the commitment of removing pink tile from their bathroom floor!

How can color be used in the home to reduce stress, create a mood or enhance relaxation?

Color psychology is something I love to use when I’m designing spaces. I gather inspiration from spas because they are an example of optimal relaxation. I see a lot of white inside those spaces, along with the infusion of aromatic elements like candles. I think we can draw a lot from that feeling when it comes to color in our homes.

How can color be used in the home to convey the owner’s personality/tastes?

In my own discovery of self-identity, I recognized moments when I stopped trying so hard and allowed the true “me” to show up. I apply that lesson when it comes to my clients and color in their spaces. I encourage them to truly connect to who they are. I’m able to actually see their personality and tastes in those moments and then select a palette that reflects their essence. I take that opportunity to weave in those colors in unique ways.

What do you see as the trending colors for kitchens in the next year?

I see a total about-face from the creamy whites to darker tones in the black and gray families.

What about bathrooms?

I think we’re going to see more luxurious bathroom features. Surface selections will involve less grout, and people will lean toward larger-format stonework. There’s a greater sense of cleanliness when you move away from smaller print and embrace larger format in the surface selections. We’ll see them in everything from warm, golden tones to soft blush and even cool gray. I think we’ll also see people infusing grandeur in their bathrooms with their switches and outlets. Consumers want every part of these spaces to feel luxe.

How are manufacturers choosing their color palettes based on consumer needs?

There are greater offerings with textured neutrals. Manufacturers are developing options that mimic the colors and textures we see in nature. That’s likely a direct response to what consumers are seeking in design.