Talking Laundry

September 5, 2019

Inspired by KBTribeChat’s recent discussions, a few weeks ago we talked about mudrooms – one of the main “sister spaces” that often is tied into a larger renovation. The other add-on redesign we often see is the laundry room, a space that is definitely up-and-coming when it comes to the design industry. No longer is it just a utilitarian space; the laundry room now can also serve as a craft room, a gardening center or simply a more relaxing and beautiful place to do chores. 

This week’s KBTribeChat covered all of its potential – from the most important amenities to include today to where this room will head in the future. Here are some of the highlights we picked up on:

Evolution Over the Decades

  • According to the NAHB, the laundry room is now the most-wanted home feature.
  • The room is now often placed near the bedrooms, even if they are on the second floor. 
  • It can also be part of the mudroom or an extension of the kitchen area.
  • Much more than washing clothes happens in laundry rooms, including sorting, stain treating, folding, ironing, etc.
  • Technology has been integrated into the laundry room, making chores easier and more convenient. (Whirlpool Corp.)
  • Laundry rooms are adapting to become more comfortable.

Most Important Amenities

  • A compact, built-in ironing board
  • A shelf for supplies
  • Counter space for folding and other chores
  • Hampers for dirty laundry
  • An air-drying station
  • Ample lighting to address stains
  • Non-slip flooring
  • A TV or big windows to look at while doing laundry
  • A well-equipped washer and dryer!

Top Load vs. Front Load

  • Front-load washers offer a contemporary look with front controls in easy reach. 
  • In living-in-place scenarios, people tend to lean toward front-loading machines.
  • It often is based on square footage – a tight space needs a stackable front load.
  • Front load tends to be more space saving and energy efficient.
  • Top load tends to be more inexpensive and have agitators.

Making the Most of a Small Laundry

  • Add storage to place baskets, detergent and other products, freeing up space to separate clothes going in the wash. 
  • Using compact or stacked washers and dryers can be a good solution to smaller spaces. (Whirlpool)
  • A base pull-out with differentiating hampers for darks and whites saves room otherwise taken by bulky baskets that are not built in. 
  • Use every bit of space that you can and include elements like shelving, baskets and hanging areas.
  • Lots of storage options!

The Future of Laundry Room Design

  • Homeowners will increasingly look for efficient laundry rooms with features that save them time and effort.
  • The laundry space will continue to merge with other areas.
  • Smarter machines offer more options to help us clean better and more efficiently.
  • There is a trend for more multi-functional laundry rooms.
  • Laundry design is headed towards more simplicity, minimalism, open-space and lightness.
  • Laundry appliances are starting to become as quiet as possible.
  • Purposeful technology will adjust to common behaviors, activating shortcuts and solutions.

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