Thriving Through and Beyond KBIS 2024

March 11, 2024

After two and a half decades of attending industry trade shows, I’ve become somewhat of a connoisseur of the highs and lows these events bring. As someone who identifies strongly as an introvert – albeit a social and confident one – I’ve had to navigate the energizing yet draining rollercoaster of these gatherings, KBIS 2024 included. My journey has taught me not just to survive but to thrive, both during and after these intense experiences.

Let’s talk recovery first. It’s an art form in itself, beginning the moment I touch back down at home. Here’s my distilled wisdom for bouncing back:

1. Sleep is Sacred: It’s the foundation of my recovery.
2. Stay Hydrated: Water is my elixir.
3. Gentle Movement: Whether it’s a soothing spin class, yoga, or a leisurely walk, movement rejuvenates me.
4. Embrace Silence: Meditation and quiet moments allow my mind to reset.
5. Detoxify: Through sauna visits, mindful nutrition, and the right supplements, I cleanse my system.
6. Connect with Nature: It’s a balm for my soul.
7. Reconnect Socially: A phone call to a friend can do wonders.
8. Set Boundaries: My “Out of Office” stays on until I’m truly ready to return.

During the event, maintaining some semblance of self-care amidst the whirlwind of activities is crucial. Here’s how I manage:

1. Embrace Realism: Accepting I can’t do everything frees me to focus on what truly matters.
2. Plan and Prepare: Preparing in advance helps me navigate overwhelming moments.
3. Conserve Energy: Knowing when to step back is key to staying engaged without burning out.
4. Stick to Supplements: Maintaining my usual health regime keeps me grounded.
5. Mindful Nutrition: Packing healthy snacks and staying true to my dietary needs fuels me through the day.
6. Prioritize Hydration: Avoiding dehydration is non-negotiable, regardless of the climate.
7. Mental Wellness: Fresh air and micro-breaks, even if it’s just stepping outside or finding solace in a quiet corner, keep me sane.
8. Physical Care: Regular stretching, hot showers, and avoiding triggers that could inflame my system help me stay physically well.
9. Plan for Recovery: Trusting in my post-event recovery plan allows me to enjoy the present.
10. Have Fun and Connect: Embracing the temporary nature of the event, connecting deeply with others, and finding joy in the moment make all the difference.

At KBIS 2024 and beyond, these strategies have been my lifeline, transforming potentially overwhelming experiences into opportunities for growth, connection, and renewal. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, we all can navigate these dynamic events with a little foresight and a lot of self-care.

—By Paula Kennedy CMKBD, CLIPP, CACC, Timeless Kitchen Design

Photo credit: AdobeStock_265932539