Artisan Group Partners With American Hardwood Industries to Expand Wood Countertop Offerings

May 30, 2017

The Artisan Group has partnered with American Hardwood Industries (AHI) to launch the Ready Made line of Heritage Wood unfinished blank wood countertops, adding to the custom-made offerings.

“We have chosen to partner with AHI because we wanted our Artisan Group members and their customers to have a full spectrum of wood countertop options,” said Jon Lancto, executive coordinator for Artisan Group. “AHI offers the perfect addition to our vast Heritage Wood line.”

AHI is a vertically integrated standing timber company with 10 sawmills across four states in addition to lumber concentration/drying/merchandising facilities. Butcher block constructed wood panels/countertops is the primary product of AHI’s Augusta Surfaces Division. The company currently sells direct-to-retail under private labels to the tune of approximately 50,000 panels annually. Their base business is more than 60 years old.