California Faucets Debuts New Styles in Singing Video

June 22, 2017

California Faucets has released “Aqua Pella,” its latest Pixar-inspired video introducing the company’s new lineup of single-hole faucets. In the tradition of “Tub Filler Fever,” which went viral in the industry, “Aqua Pella” is a fun story of five faucets showing off their unique design personalities while performing before judges in a singing competition. Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiMal20GaUE

The headliners stepping up to the stage in the video production include the clean-lined Arpeggio, the geometrically inspired Bel Canto and the sleek Zen-like Morro Bay. Each single-hole faucet in the group auditions in a different size or artisan finish from the company’s wide selection.

The “Aqua Pella” video depicting the single-hole faucets in the Pixar-like singing audition story was produced with computer-generated imagery (CGI). Endowed with human voices and personalities, each of the faucets is determined to achieve its goal of making the pages of the California Faucets product catalog. To this end, each design displays its unique voice and style to win the favor of the stern tub filler judges and achieve their ultimate dream of being chosen to harmonize with America’s best bath interiors.

In the whimsical video, Diva—a chic and curvaceous faucet in a stunning Polished Gold finish—begins the performance, singing a solo, “Everybody’s gonna get clean.” Meanwhile the rest of the single-hole faucets swag and croon, providing a lush a cappella background that allows Diva’s vocals to shine. Following Diva, each of the faucets gets a chance to stand in the spotlight and highlight its own unique style.

Noah Taft, California Faucets senior vice president of marketing and sales, is the creative mind behind the “Aqua Pella” video, along with the rest of the attention-grabbing videos by California Faucets, including “Tub Filler Fever” and “Who Knew a Drain Could be so Beautiful?” A former writer and producer for film and TV, Taft gives a shout out to popular entertainment to explain how he came up with the concept.

“Looking at the success of the Pitch Perfect film series and the popularity of musical comedies like Glee on TV, it struck me: Why not let a group of animated faucets create the same type of a cappella magic?” Taft said the voices used in the video for the faucets were courtesy of a consultant for Pitch Perfect with his own a capella group.

California Faucets is launching the new Pixar-style “Aqua Pella” video this month via social media, and it will also appear on television as commercials in multiple local markets nationwide, where the company’s products are sold. Taft explains that the new video follows in the footsteps of “Tub Filler Fever,” a dancing tub filler video that went viral in the industry last fall and has appeared on television nationwide.

“By introducing the new faucets in different styles and finishes via an entertaining video, we can show off the diversity of our newest product designs without a single yawn in the audience,” said Taft.