Creating a Client-Centric Design Firm

March 15, 2023

On this week’s From the Tap podcast, I spoke with Veronica Solomon of Katy, Texas-based Casa Vilora Interiors about creating and maintaining a client-centric design firm, something she has done since she started her own business.

She started by telling me what assets she feels are crucial to a client-centric design firm, including being a one-stop shop for them to realize their dream projects. Solomon said she worked in a call center many years ago, so she comes from the old-school mindset of the idea that the client is always right. And even though they are not always right, she believes they are entitled to certain rights and guarantees. This develops trust, which is necessary in achieving successful projects.

When Solomon started her firm 18 years ago, she knew she had to set herself apart, and one way she did that and has always done it is to advocate for her clients. She says her tradespeople and her employees know how intense she can be on their behalf, but clients also help design professionals solidify their reputations.

Solomon points out several other advantages to running a client-centric design firm, including less micromanaging. Happy clients also equal revenue and referrals. She says setting too many boundaries and rules with clients can have an adverse effect, although she does believe in a balance.

The designer shared an anecdote where she truly showed up for a client and helped mitigate what was a stressful situation. She believes in really being there for her clients and not just collecting money and moving on.

For more advice from Solomon on creating a client-centric design firm and where you can learn more on her mentoring website or in one-on-one sessions, watch the full video above or listen to the podcast on SpotifyGoogle PodcastsApple PodcastsPandora and other outlets.

By Chelsie Butler, KBB Executive Editor