GE Introduces CFL Replacement LED Light Bulb

June 9, 2015

GE has unveiled Bright Stik LED, a redesigned, entry-point 60-watt replacement LED, to aid in accelerating consumers’ transition from CFL to LED lighting. With an LED three-pack for under $10 every day MSRP, Bright Stik is currently available at Home Depot online and will be in stores nationwide starting in mid-summer.

“GE Bright Stik ushers in a new era of illumination as the market begins to make the decided move from CFL to LED technology,” says Tom Boyle, chief innovation manager of NA Consumer, GE Lighting. “The biggest barrier for consumers and contractors to transition from CFL to LED is the upfront cost. Now, energy-conscious shoppers who want superior quality of light have a realistic option.”

Industry estimates show that of the United State’s 4 billion residential light bulb sockets, less than 10 percent are filled with LED lighting; but by 2020, more than 50 percent will be LED. This year alone, the consumer lighting market is anticipated to more than double with LED, while CFL will decrease, and GE is hoping to drive further LED adoption with the introduction of Bright Stik.