Kitchen Magic Featured on HGTV Show

August 3, 2022

Kitchen Magic, a kitchen remodeling firm serving customers across six states, recently participated in a home renovation project for the HGTV “Home Inspector Joe” show. The results awed homeowners and show hosts alike.

Kitchen Remodeling Solution

The episode “Coastal Home with Costly Surprises” is the story of a New York City couple whose growing family led them to purchase a home in Stamford, Connecticut. However, with a basement full of problems and other significant overhauls, the episode emphasized highlighting how affordable and effective kitchen cabinet refacing was for the home renovation.

With a construction background and a keen sense of health and safety, an important part of home inspector Joe Mazza’s mission is to ensure a new homeowner is moving into a safe, fully inspected home.

On the show, Mazza partners with HGTV design host Noel Gatts, helping families find and renovate their ideal new home within budget. Gatts, the owner of Beam & Bloom design firm in Bloomfield, New Jersey, assists Mazza with design expertise for new homeowners.

Budget Barriers

Gatts used Kitchen Magic’s specialty kitchen remodeling service and cabinet refacing for the project. Refacing is noted for significant transformation at a cost-effective price Point.

“We actually did quite a change there,” said Gatts on the episode. “The cabinet exteriors, doors and drawer fronts are new, but the original cabinets are still intact. The end result was a fraction of the cost, yet it was still a complete transformation and complete refresh. 

“There was some work done, but it was just a little bit of money spent that created that major impact.”

Color Find

This savings allowed the couple to reinvest the budget in renovations needed in other areas of the home. Gatts maintains a coastal theme and palette throughout the remodel, incorporating New England flavored décor. The couple is delighted with the new kitchen cabinet color, cadet blue, which lends to the home’s coastal charms.