Laminate Innovator Has Bright Outlook on Energy Savings

December 12, 2014

ATI Decorative Laminates is now offsetting half of its power consumption with renewable energy. This comes as a result of a large-scale solar project recently completed at its 70,000-sq.-ft. facility in central North Carolina. 

“It’s something we’ve been working toward for several years,” said Tara Burgio, ATI president. “As an ISO 14001-certified company, the solar project reflects our commitment to continuous improvement in all areas of the manufacturing process.”

ATI has installed more than 950 solar modules, covering 85 percent of the company’s roof. These modules will annually produce an estimated 356 megawatt hours of clean energy. With North Carolina’s rate of carbon emissions at more than 1,600 pounds per MWh, ATI’s investment will reduce greenhouse gases by more than 732,000 pounds per year.