SCHOCK North America Re-engineers Sink Packaging

March 28, 2016

SCHOCK has announced major improvements and investments in its automated packaging lines and dual conveyor systems as well as a completely re-engineered foaming line for the company’s foamed cartons. These investments allow for an effective doubling of output based on current sales projections and achievements. SCHOCK‘s updated foamed carton solution currently delivers a less than one-percent shipping-damage rate, the lowest of any granite composite sink brand. 

“Distributing granite composite sinks requires individual packaging that can withstand the rigors of today’s parcel industry,” says Ken Fey, president and CEO of SCHOCK North America. “That’s why we’ve benchmarked the safest and most protective carton packaging in the industry. We’ve invested substantial resources towards scaling our production and packaging lines to insure safe delivery of our sinks, even as demand for the SCHOCK brand grows exponentially.”