How WALL-SMART Turns Home Tech Into Stylish Kitchen and Bath Assets

January 1, 2023

There’s no question that home electronics take up space. But do they have to be so visually overpowering, too? WALL-SMART recognizes the conundrum kitchen and bath designers face when trying to mesh home tech into their aesthetic plans and has developed an ingenious solution. The company’s wide range of custom-designed and engineered award-winning wall and ceiling mounts enable kitchen and bath designers, architects, home tech professionals and homeowners to make speakers, Wi-Fi access points, touchscreens, tablets and other devices that often occupy kitchens and bathrooms as inconspicuous as possible yet still highly functional.

Above photo: Touchscreens consolidate control of every aspect of a home, making their ideal placement in the hub of the house – the kitchen. Flush wall mounts from WALL-SMART make this useful home technology blend in rather than stick out.

By tucking these devices into the perfectly sized wall and ceiling cavities created by WALL-SMART’s easy-to-install mounts, they become part of the kitchen and bath design. They look like they’re meant to be there instead of an awkward afterthought and lend a clean, fresh and modern aesthetic that’s just as good for the soul. Studies show that women who perceive their homes as messy produced higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol throughout the day than those who described their abodes as a well-organized and restful space. WALL-SMART takes those smart speakers and tablets cluttering countertops and vanities, TVs and touchscreens jutting out from the walls and unruly banks of light switches and turns them into elegant, understated home assets.

WALL-SMART mounts can be recessed into textured walls like this with its bezel painted to match.

Home Tech Tidies Up

Most manufacturers recognize the need to minimize the visual impact of electronic equipment and have taken great steps to do so. Leading the pack is WALL-SMART. For nearly every category of home tech device, WALL-SMART makes custom mounting hardware that allows it to be beautifully installed – flush within the wall or ceiling. Instead of protruding unattractively from the surface, the device becomes a seamless, natural part of the material – preserving the architectural design intent of the kitchen and bath.

Enhancing Beauty, Convenience and Comfort

At the same time, WALL-SMART’s innovative, eye-appealing mounting solutions enhance the convenience, comfort, efficiency and enjoyment of tech-equipped kitchens and baths. Smart devices occupying WALL-SMART mounts look great wherever they’re placed, so designers finally have the cosmetic liberty to put them where they work best. Take Wi-Fi access points. Historically, one of the best ways to downplay their appearance was to stow them in a closet–good for the décor but often detrimental to fast, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. WALL-SMART specially designs, engineers and manufactures its Wi-Fi mounts to not only conceal the access point but permit full functionality. The same applies to other smart home devices. No matter how much technology goes into a kitchen or bath, it still looks as stylish and stunning as ever.

Rather than clutter the countertop with a voice assistant, why not pop it into the backsplash? WALL-SMART offers a mount designed specifically for voice assistants from Josh.ai. Photo courtesy of TYM Homes

Styled for Solid Surface Materials

WALL-SMART makes a wide range of mounting solutions. Its line of solid-surface mounts is particularly beneficial to the kitchen and bath market, enabling home tech to be fused into popular materials such as marble, exposed brick, glass and metal. Tablets can be mounted in backsplashes, voice assistants within a decorative, textured wall. No matter the style, the layout or the composition of the kitchen or bath environment, there’s a way to blend all the technologies we’ve grown to rely on for downloading a recipe, playing music, ordering a pizza, adjusting the intensity of the lights and so on.

A Pleasing Blend of Design and Tech

When tablets, speakers, screens and other home technologies have overstepped their boundaries, it’s time to put them in their proper place. With innovative mounting and concealment techniques and products from WALL-SMART, the unruly assortment of technology affecting the kitchen and bath environment can finally live in harmony with the design.

WALL-SMART will show how tech and design can harmoniously coexist via its innovative wall- and ceiling-mount solutions at the International Builders’ Show, Jan. 31-Feb. 2, at Booth # W2264. To schedule a personal tour and meeting, click here.