Bertazzoni Kitchen Trend Report Released

January 28, 2023

Design: Julie Ireland Design Build. Photo: Ambia Photography

Coinciding with its 140th anniversary, Bertazzoni has released its 2023 Kitchen Trend Report.

“In keeping with our brand heritage and company culture, this report embraces the best of design evolution – examining trends with staying power,” Nicola Bertazzoni, CEO of the firm and a sixth generation member of the family tells KBB. “With the understanding that consumers want to invest in style solutions that will withstand the test of time, in this report we’ve prioritized long-term trends while exploring the latest innovations and design techniques to spark new inspiration. With these insights, we hope to help homeowners and design professionals discover new ways to find joy within the kitchen – our ultimate goal.”

Bertazzoni Kitchen Trend Takeaways

· Kitchens remain a top priority for homeowners – with 75% confirming they use the kitchen more than any other room in their home, according to a recent survey, and more than half (61%) consider a large kitchen a must-have feature when buying a new home
· Mixed metals – a formerly taboo design choice – are becoming mainstream, with nearly 3 in 4 (73%) of homeowners now open to mixing metals within their decorative finishes
· While the majority of homeowners (72%) are interested in sustainable home design only 1 in 10 own an induction appliance and over half didn’t even know what induction was, leaving room for the rise of this eco-friendly cooking technology
· Trends on their way out include all-white kitchens, open shelving, and two-toned cabinets, with the majority of homeowners surveyed confirming that these trends are not of interest (only 19% in favor of white kitchens; 83% against open shelving and only 23% interested in contrasting finishes)

A Closer Look: The Second Kitchen

bertazzoni kitchen trend

Design: SmithErickson Designs. Photo: Michelle Johnson

“Back kitchens” or “prep kitchens” are one of the hottest new premium kitchen trends. According to the survey, many homeowners aspire to have a second kitchen, perhaps to create a separate, discrete space for food preparation. Offering the best of both worlds, homes with back kitchens allow an open, “front of house” entertaining space to host guests with an adjacent space to keep food prep and used dishware out of sight. For high-end homes, back kitchens create space for Instagram-worthy entertaining with friends and family. More than 41% of U.S. homeowners saytheywould want a second kitchen in their home if money were no object – and this jumps to 61% among those aged 18-44.

A Closer Look: Kitchens With Character

bertazzoni kitchen trend

Design: CityHome Collective. Photo: Kerri Fukui

Homeowners continue to break out of the cookie-cutter mold and venture into more expressive designs through colorful cabinetry, bold surfacing, and appliances that provide a more personalized aesthetic. One size certainly does not fit all for these tastemakers, with the recent survey finding that only 19% of Americans finding all-white kitchens appealing, in particular.

—By Leslie Clagett

Read the complete Bertazzoni Kitchen Trend Report here.