Canyon Creek Cabinet Company Donates Wood to Prison Carpentry Program

November 29, 2017

For many years, Canyon Creek Cabinet Company has donated wood scraps and pieces to the carpentry program at the Washington State Reformatory – Monroe Correctional Complex (MCC). The carpentry program/sustainable practices lab focuses on developing social, practical and technical skills to help prepare inmates for real-world life outside of prison.

The lab at the MCC operates a wood shop—WoodCraft4Charity—that makes small wooden toys, cars, planes, puzzles and boxes that are then donated to local hospitals, police and fire departments, charities, shelters and Boys & Girls Clubs in the Seattle area. This year, the wood shop has donated more than 450 handcrafted items.

“Words can’t express the joy that I’ve seen when the kids receive these toys!” said MCC officer Jeffrey Swan. “Donations, like the wood that was given to us by Canyon Creek, helps to make these programs possible and also helps to sustain them.”