Ferguson Releases Tenth Annual Design Trend Forecast

February 5, 2024

Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery has released Trends & Influences X, an analysis of six distinct trends that are set to inspire the way we perceive and experience interior design in 2024.

Caroline Danielson, Director of Showroom, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, tells KBB, “Ferguson’s ‘Trends & Influences X’ takes the conversation on interior design to new levels, revolutionizing our understanding and experience of spaces in 2024. In this special edition, celebrating ten years of excellence, we explore the essence of designing spaces that are meaningful, functional, and aesthetically profound. Its significance lies in its ability to distill the collective wisdom of industry leaders, style visionaries, and market analysts into a coherent narrative that predicts and shapes the future of interior design. As readers delve into these pages, Ferguson empowers us to transcend traditional boundaries, inviting us to partake in a design revolution that redefines our kitchen and bath spaces. This report is not just influential – it’s a transformative force that challenges us to envision and craft environments that resonate with the vibrant tapestry of human experience.”

The key trends, outlined below, have also inspired Ferguson’s collections that will be on view at KBIS 2024 by way of James Martin Vanities and Amerock.

  • Infuse: By adding color, we can infuse any space with positive energy. This emerging shift toward bolder color choices speaks to a desire for greater individual expression and an escape from conformity. It’s not just about adding color for the sake of vibrancy; it’s about harnessing color’s transformative power to reimagine the very essence of a room.
  • Redefine: Decades of design culminate to redefine an era of trends that reflect the personality, values, and aspirations of our time. Today, our interior design landscape is a rich tapestry of influences from decades past. Modern interiors seamlessly blend Art Deco’s glamour, Mid-Century Modern’s functionality, the vibrancy of the 1960s, the comfort of the 1970s, and the innovation of the 21st century.
  • Curate: Curate a collection of art, furnishings, and design pieces that speak to your aesthetic, choosing the best items to represent your personal style. Designer Dorothy Alon of Sophea Interior Design said, “We find beauty in the details and purpose in the selection and tell stories through our creations. Curate, to me, is a testament to the power of thoughtful design to make the owner have a sense of exclusivity and sense of accomplishment.”
  • Elevate: Take luxury to the next level with high-end pieces that elevate glamour and comfort within the home. The Elevate trend is all about maximizing what you prioritize as important in the home, be it glamour, comfort, trusted brand names or a signature style. Decide on your focus and elevate each piece in the home with that goal in mind, for the ultimate in upscale living
  • Reclaim: Sustainable, classic home furnishings create designs that reclaim that which is timeless, staying fresh and eco-conscious over the years. “As a designer, I find it crucial to help guide my clients in this journey of rediscovery,” said designer Rydhima Brar of R/terior Studio. “By embracing Reclaim, we not only create unique, narrative driven, character-rich interiors but also contribute to a more eco-conscious world.”
  • Invigorate: What we surround ourselves with at home can invigorate our senses, unlock new levels of self-care, and support our mental and emotional selves. By focusing on principles of light, air quality, sound, movement and nourishment, we can create a space that prioritizes wellness and fosters a harmonious and uplifting environment.

See the entire Ferguson Trends & Influences X report here.

—By Leslie Clagett, KBB managing editor

Photo credit: Gaggenau at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery