InSinkErator’s Power and Advanced Series of Garbage Disposals

March 13, 2024

At KBIS 2024, InSinkErator introduced its next generation of garbage disposals – the Power and Advanced Series. KBB met with Eric Schultz, the brand’s director of product management, who gave us a demonstration of the new products.

The two new series are easier to install, grind more effectively and do so in a quieter manner than previous models. Installation is a breeze with a newly designed electrical connection system called EZ Connect. In our Editor’s Eye, Schultz showed us how to create your own EZ Connect plug for installation, eliminating the need to reach inside the garbage disposals to handle wire connections.

Getting into the Details

The Power and Advanced Series of disposals also offer MultiGrind Technology, which uses multiple actions to chop up food waste: a surface and shearing grind, as well as a third that occurs along the edge of the rotating shredder plate.

The disposals also feature SoundSeal Technology, which includes new sound jacket insulation to absorb noise, an anti-vibration mount that provides a rubber cushion in the upper portion to tame vibration and a redesigned rubber splash guard that prevents a lot of noise from coming up through the disposal. Also aiding in noise reduction is a newly designed tailpipe connection, which features a flexible coupler to curb vibrations.

During our visit to InSinkErator, which has been in business for more than 85 years, we also asked if the proper term is disposal or disposer, and Schultz said the brand has settled on disposal and said we’d be surprised how many times he is asked that question.

According to the brand, using an InSinkErator garbage disposal helps divert food waste from landfills, which benefits the community and slows the acceleration of climate change. InSinkErator’s food waste management products are created, designed and assembled in America for today’s modern kitchens.