James Herriot Launches ‘The Essence of Kitchen Design’

February 27, 2024

Callerton, Extremis Publishing Ltd. and Potton’s Self Build Show Centre are delighted to announce the launch of the ground-breaking book, “Insights to Kitchen Design: 40+ Years in the World of a Design-led Kitchen Specialist,” by James Herriot.

“Insights to Kitchen Design” explores twenty seminal projects from Callerton, the company James co-founded with a friend some forty plus years ago. The book offers a unique retrospective with a forward-looking angle on kitchen design. Raiding the Callerton archive, each case study is reimagined with two alternative interpretations, highlighting the limitless possibilities within the same spatial confines. James’s narrative extends beyond traditional design, incorporating insights from industry leaders and showcasing the collaborative essence of creating spaces that resonate with both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The publication is a tribute to the art of kitchen design, emphasizing the synergy between great design, superior products, and exemplary project management. It stands as an essential resource for anyone passionate about the evolution of kitchen spaces, from design professionals to homeowners seeking inspiration for their dream kitchen.

To explore how “Insights to Kitchen Design” by James Herriot can inspire your next project the book is now available at www.insightstokitchendesign.co.uk.

Photo credit: Darren Chung