Lamps Plus Illuminates 2024 Lighting Trends

January 1, 2024

Lamps Plus, the nation’s largest lighting retailer, brought together two dozen top interior designers and home décor tastemakers for a look at the lighting and home décor influences they see homeowners gravitating toward in 2024.

“We’re excited to announce this year’s Lamps Plus Trends Report,” Nicole Partise Ellis, Lamps Plus Director, Public Relations & Influencer Marketing, told KBB. “Our goal is to shed light on new home décor and lighting trends, and what tastemakers in the industry are predicting for the new year. It’s always an insightful opportunity for our team and we look forward to sharing these findings with our customers.”

The tastemakers participating in Lamps Plus 2023 Trends Survey include:

• Adrianne Betz (Charleston, SC) – Digital creator and family lifestyle influencer – @little_adi_co
• Anne Sage (Reno) – Renovation, style and DIY creator – @citysage
• Ashley Fultz (Los Angeles) – Realtor and design expert – @ashleyfultz
• Charlotte Smith (Connecticut) – Interior Design and DIY blogger – @atcharlotteshouse
• Claire Brody (Austin) – Interior designer and content creator – @clairebrodydesigns
• Denise Cooper (Jacksonville) – Lifestyle expert and content creator – @bemyguestwithdenise
• Dinah Wulf (Atlanta) – Interior design and home décor influencer – @diyinspired
• Jill Seidner (Los Angeles) – Interior design studio – @jsinteriordesign
• Jill Stout (Waco, Tex.) – Lifestyle influencer – @gatheredgrace
• Joslyn Davis (Los Angeles) – Producer, host and lifestyle content creator – @joslyndavis
• Julie Deru (Overland Park, Kan.) – Family and lifestyle content creator – @juliederu
• Julie Khuu (Austin) – Interior designer and lifestyle creator – @julie_khuu
• Kara Thomas (Southern California) – Interior design studio – @studioktdesign
• Karen Snyder (Los Angeles) – Home décor and gardening blogger – @sanctuaryhomedecor
• Kelly Wilkniss (Pasadena, Cal.) – Podcaster, author and YouTuber – @mysoulfulhome
• Kyla Herbes (Chicago, Ill.) – Home décor expert and design trend content creator – @houseofhipstersblog
• Leslie Saeta (Pasadena, Cal.) – Lifestyle and home décor blogger – my100yearoldhome
• Linda Gibson (Blythewood, SC) – Video creator and expert in DIY, home décor and lifestyle – @lgqueenhomedecor
• Martha Knake (Illinois) – Digital creator and design expert – @todaywithmk
• Melissa Roberts (Houston) – Interior design studio – @melissarobertsinteriors
• Olivia Peter (Michigan) – Home décor content creator – @glam_home_decor
• Oscar Bravo (San Diego) – Blogger and interior designer – @oscarbravohome
• Rachel Van Kluyve (Nashville) – Home and lifestyle blogger – @crateandcottage
• Renee Sanders (Huntsville, Ala.) – Interior designer – @deirdres_design
• Taryn Whiteaker (Dallas) – Digital content creator and DIY expert – @tarynwhiteaker_designs

“The best way to update a space is to light it,” said Ashley Fultz. “So many houses we walk into are dark and dreary, and in order to bring a house to life, you need to light every corner.”

From new hues to a continued focus on adaptable spaces, the insights shared with Lamps Plus are illuminating. Among their predictions:

Layered Lighting is the Key to Success



Possini Euro Cascadia Black and Glass LED Sconces from Lamps Plus. Photo credit: Lamps Plus

In order to achieve rich, dramatic lighting within a space, use layers of light – lighting that comes from multiple sources. There are three main light sources to consider: task, overhead, and accent lighting, all of which together create a smooth, visual transition within a space and build ambience for the need at hand. By using this blend of lighting, you create well-lit, comfortable rooms with light control for any occasion. Dimmable fixtures are an excellent, and some would say essential, means of helping to achieve the look.

Layered lighting is important in any room, and it’s especially beneficial in multiuse spaces, which continue to define homes. Dining rooms and kitchens are doubling as offices, outdoor spaces are also living rooms, and basements are now movie theaters, fitness areas and more. Lighting that serves multiple functions, like a torchiere floor lamp with gooseneck side lights, can help achieve both overhead lighting and task lighting, depending on the need.

“I love options. Give me all the cozy options while also letting me blow out a space with lights,” said Joslyn Davis. “More is more when it comes to lighting and then I can pick my own adventure.”

Lived-in and Loved

Gone are overly-designed, fussy rooms straight out of a magazine. Homeowners are now leaning into rich colors, patterns, lighting and textures – curating a home that feels custom, vintage and unique. Rooms reflect the people who live in the homes, and many want them to be a reflection of their personal experience and history. Lighting is utilized to showcase your space and create a warm, welcoming environment.

“A well-designed space should feel collected, one that takes some time to curate,” said Julie Khuu. “It should have a mix of antique furniture, vintage elements, something sentimental, something custom, and then you can sprinkle in that something new.”

Brown is the New Neutral



Stiffel Ferrers Dark Bronze and Gold Chandelier from Lamps Plus. Photo credit: Lamps Plus

Brown is trending to make a comeback in the new year, moving away from the former lighter gray washes and taupes, bringing neutral warmth back into homes. Just as 90’s minimalism is trending again, brown has begun to win over designers and homeowners alike. Deep walnut, sienna, bronze and copper, along with natural woods and buttery-soft leathers, are filling our rooms and embracing us in its cozy arms.

“Brown is just so comforting and inviting. Rooms decorated in browns feel like a big, warm hug,” said Julie Khuu. “Cozy brown is our answer to the stark greys we are trying to move away from in the early 2000’s.”

Colorful Simplicity Replaces Traditional Minimalism

Out are the stark white interiors with pops of black. People are still gravitating toward the simplicity of minimalist spaces, but are more drawn to deep, rich hues and textured interiors than in previous years.

“My ideal design is a lot of rich color, a lot of rich pattern,” said Claire Brody. “All coming from a very maximalist vibe.”

Green is Here to Stay

For the third year in a row, green continues to be a popular color according to our survey, and our tastemakers are even considering it a neutral in certain cases. Green adds an organic and calming atmosphere to a space while also being the perfect pop of color, regardless of the shade you pick. This year, greens are leaning towards sages, olives and more muted tones.

“As someone who doesn’t incorporate a lot of color into their home, green feels very natural because it is in nature,” said Anne Sage. “I’m just following what is outdoors and bringing it in.”

Lamps Plus Expert Insight: Crystal is Back in Modern Form


lamps plus modern crystal chandelier

Rossini Euro Ellyria Twirling Crystal Modern LED Pendant Light from Lamps Plus. Photo credit: Lamps Plus

Crystal may not be the first style that comes to mind in modern design, but it’s embraced by lighting and interior designers in modern and ultra modern forms. As noted by Lamps Plus Design Expert John Barnes, the unique shapes of crystal beads and strands, highlighted in sculptural, ribbon, and LED profiles, make this look a fit for today’s times and can be seen in less predictable spaces such as bathroom vanities and wall sconces. It’s a far cry from the more traditional crystal designs you may remember from your grandparents’ home.

—By Leslie Clagett, KBB managing editor

Photo credit: Business Wire (top)